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  1. Looking for band members for Ethnic Rock.

    Looking for keyboardist, male frontline with high range vocal, drummer good in double paddling and experimental guitarist. Whatsapp me at 87786319 to those who really serious only. Thanks.
  2. Re: Newly formed band looking for fun versatile drummer...and other band members

    Experienced bassist here. 87786319.
  3. Looking for Top 40's musicians to form a project gigBand

    Hello fellow musicians, i'm looking for a serious top 40's musicians to form a gig band club performing. Musician : vocalist, drummer, keyboardist and guitarist. 87786319 Zack Chan.
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    Re: Expat band seeks mature bass player

    Hi... I'm keen and interested if age is not a barrier to 57 year old bass player. Hope to hear from you soon. 91233722 Joe Chan (whatsapp). Thank you.
  5. Elderly bassist with experienced available

    Hi... I'm an elderly bassist with experienced and versatility available for gigging band. 91233722 Joe Chan (whatsapp). Thanks.
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    Cort GB75P bass for sale

    Cort GB75P OPN 5 string bass for urgent sale. J-MM config, condition 9/10. Some slap marks on pick guard. Modification made are replacing the bridge to Gotoh for more sustain and will include the...
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    Forming a disco party band.

    I'm looking for musicians male and female vocalist, keyboardist can do sequencing, guitarist and drummer. Genre 70's and 80's disco, funk, R&B, motown and top 40's. Planning for regular performing in...
  8. Re: Seeking mature musicians for bluesy rock band

    Hi.... elderly experienced bassist able to sing. Whatsapp 91233722-Joe.
  9. Re: Rock drummer, bassist and guitarist wanted for guaranteed gigs

    Hi.... elderly bassist with experienced able to sing too. Whatsapp 91233722- Joe.
  10. Re: Urgently looking for experienced drummer.

    Hi... it will do good for both of us if you have clip or videos of you performing on stage or club.
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    Re: Bassist

    Evening. Any age barrier. Experienced top 40's bassist, able to sing. No problem for an audition. 91233722 Joe (whatsapp) or 66443957 (call). Thanks.
  12. Urgently looking for experienced drummer.

    We are looking for drummer with experienced and mature for top 40's band. I'm not going to talk about gigs of whatsoever not until we have materials with qualities in every aspects. Priority will be...
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    Re: Drummer Looking For Band to Jam

    Hi Chee, any stage experience and if you do have pls whatsapp me videos of you performing in club or stage at 91233722 Joe. Thanks
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    Re: Looking for bass player Rock N Roll

    Hi... elderly bassist able to sing if no age barrier. Thanks. 91233722 Joe.whatsapp.
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    Re: pure 100% pop band

    Any age barrier.
  16. looking for band members to form a disco band

    Evening, currently have a bass player, keyboardist and a guitarist in the band and looking for male vocalist and a drummer to complete the band. Priority given to those who can handle good musical...
  17. Re: Cover band auditions - Lead guitar, bass, male vocal, drums

    Hi.... I'm keen if given an opportunity for an audition. Elderly experienced bassist with versability able to sing and do backing up vocal. I can forward you video of me jamming with a band in hard...
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    Re: 'Retromania' is looking for members

    Bass player here keen with experienced. 91233722 Joe. Thanks.
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    Re: I'm A Vocalist. VOCALIST HERE!

    Hi Lee.. can whatsapp me at 91233722 for further discussion. Thanks.
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    Re: Looking for musicians.

    Hi... my apology. Probably you may whatsapp me at 91233722. Thank you.
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    Looking for musicians.

    I am looking for musicians including male and female frontliner for regular band. Genre of top 40's, 70's and 80's, RnB/Funk/Disco and Radio friendly songs. For all songs will be selected by me and...
  22. Cort GB75P OPN 5 string bass for sale.

    Selling my Cort GB75 OPN 5 string bass. J-MM config, condition 9/10. Some slap marks on puck guard. Modification made are replacing the bridge to gotoh for more sustain and additional 3 way switch...
  23. Musicians and frontliners for Top40's Band

    Looking for male/female vocalist and musicians (guitarist, keyboardist, drummer) with versatility in all genres and able to sing. Looking for to perform regularly if band are ready. Only for those...
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    looking for top 40's keyboardist

    Hello. ..... I am looking for a top 40's keyboardist who's willing to accept challenge and ready and willing to absorb songs unlimited. Whatsapp 82058873.
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    5 stringers Cort GB75 bass guitar

    Hi selling my 5 stringers Cort GB75 bass guitar. new working condition. Preamp on board. Pricing $800 nego. Whatsapp 82058873.
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