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  1. Understanding | Hunter X Hunter (2011) OST | Komugi and Meruem last scene

    Recently I revisited the entire anime series and straightaway get hooked.
    Now I shall say it is definitely the best shonen anime! Not only the details in the story, all the characters are so...
  2. Arrietty's Song | The Secret World of Arrietty | Piano

    I am introducing my favourite Studio Ghibli's music to you, but it is not by Hisaishi.
    The film score of Arrietty was composed by French musician Cécile Corbel, it was also the first time a...
  3. Call of Silence | Attack on Titan Season 2 OST | Piano

    Hope you will enjoy the music and the silence within. :)
  4. Weight of the World | NieR Automata | Piano

    The most iconic song from NieR automata, hope you will enjoy my playing! :)
  5. Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow) Fritz Kreisler | Violin & Piano

    Basically, this is not a good piece to record separately..
    It requires a lot of imagination and guesswork while recording individually. As the interpretation is very...
  6. Homura 炎 | Demon Slayer: Mugen Train | Piano
    Hi everyone! Sharing with you my playing of 'Homura' from Mugen Train, as a tribute to Rengoku.
    I really want to finish playing all the current OST from Demon Slayer...
  7. We Are! | One Piece OP1 | Tribute to Going Merry
    All the One Piece fans out there, do you still remember the farewell scene with Going Merry? The expressive We Are! played in the background never fail to make me cry.....
  8. Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves | Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection

    Hi everyone! I am playing a signature Final Fantasy X-2 piece.
    When I was young, it was this piece that made me fall in love with the sound of the piano.
    And I guess it will live in my heart...
  9. A Cruel Angel's Thesis | Neon Genesis Evangelion | Piano

    A Cruel Angel's Thesis is basically an eternal classic among all anime soundtracks, and also another nursery rhyme for me (thanks to my elder brother).
    There are a lot of different arrangements, I...
  10. Path of The Wind | My Neighbor Totoro | Piano Cover
    Hi everyone!
    I guess Totoro is an all-time Ghibli classic for everyone?
    I tried playing this piece-Path of The Wind from the movie.
    If you were a Totoro's fan, do you...
  11. City Ruins (Rays of Light) | NieR: Automata OST | Piano Cover

    Did you catch NieR's "Song of the Ancients" played in Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony? 😃
    I am really amazed by the beautiful music in this series, so I spent quite a while to play some of them,...
  12. Orange | 7!! | Your Lie In April | Piano & Violin Cover

    Hi everyone! There are a lot of good music in Your Lie in April, which one is your favorite? 🙂
    I tried playing the ED Orange with my violinist high-school mate. And we wear the school uniform from...
  13. Kaikai Kitan | Jujutsu Kaisen | [Piano]

    Hi there!
    One month ago, I was so happy that Jujutsu Kaisen is finally on Netflix Singapore. Before that, I had been hearing this anime here and there and quite intrigued by the music, and guess...
  14. Eyes On Me | Final Fantasy VIII | Piano Cover

    Eyes On Me is a song that I have been very familiar with since I was a child.
    Every time I play, I will sing silently in my heart. I believe that if I could sing, I will be more mindful of the...
  15. Suteki Da Ne | Final Fantasy X OST | Piano

    I think this is the best arrangement among all that I found. Hope you guys will enjoy it!
    Remember to subscribe and turn on the notification! :)
  16. My War | Boku no Sensou | Attack on Titan Season 4 OP | Piano Cover

    I am playing the song that intrigued me to start watching Attack On Titan!
    There are many different arrangements done by other anime arrangers, I tried out a few and find Animenz's arrangement most...
  17. Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku | Dragon Ball GT | Nostalgic Piano Cover
    Dragon Ball is the first anime I got to know when I was young, and Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku had basically became a nursery rhyme for me.
    Hope you will find your good...
  18. Aerith's Theme | Final Fantasy VII [Piano Cover]

    Someone told me that Uematsu's music is a piece of art, I couldn't agree more, just look at how beautiful Aerith's Theme is.

    I hope you guys will enjoy it. :)
  19. Your Name | Kimi no Na wa | Mitsuha plays "Sparkle" on the piano

    Your Name is definitely one of the most beautiful anime movies, recently I revisited the movie for the 2nd time, still so mesmerized by the music, the comet scene, (and personally, the voice of...
  20. Tifa's Theme | Final Fantasy VII [Piano Cover]

    Who is your favourite FFVII character?
    Tifa's theme is the first FFVII piece that I learnt when I was 14. Truly nostalgic, haha.

    I hope you guys will enjoy it. :)
  21. Final Fantasy VII Prelude [Piano Cover]

    I still remember when I was young, every time my brother turned on his PS2, this song would kick off the game.

    Whenever I play the Prelude of FFVII, I am able to regain the tranquility and pull...
  22. Your Lie in April OST -"Watashi no Uso / My Lie" (Piano)

    Another anime that made me cried badly.
    Play earnestly, I hope I reach all of you. :')
  23. 「Shinzou wo Sasageyo!」Attack on Titan Piano cover

    Sasageyo, Sasageyo!
    Hi everyone! This is another well-known OST from Attack On Titan series.
    It didn't really impress me at the first few listens, but...
  24. Vogel im Käfig | Attack On Titan OST | 進擊の巨人 | Shingeki no Kyojin | Piano"Vogel im Käfig", namely "Bird in A Cage", is the song I like the most from Attack On Titan official soundtracks. So I decided to start off the series with this item.
  25. Princess Mononoke • Ashitaka and San • Joe Hisaishi • Piano & Violin cover“Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still you find reasons to keep living.” - Osa

    Princess Mononoke's soundtracks are definitely my favorite among...
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