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  1. Looking for drummer | Pop punk, Emo, Post-hardcore

    Hello there!

    We are a 3 pc band (18-25years old) looking for a drummer for some chill jam sessions! :)

    Our influences are Knuckle Puck, Movements, Basement, Turnover, and more

    If u dig that...
  2. Emo/pop punk guitarist looking to jam :)

    Hey thanks for dropping by, I'm looking for a band to jam with. I can play both rythym or lead guitar :)

    I'm currently 19 this year and I have had decent experiences with bands before. However...
  3. Re: Drummer/ Bassist/ Guitarist/ Keyboardist/ Singer Wanted!

    Hey Channy,

    I'm a guitarist that is interested in helping you out with your project :) How can i contact you for this?

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