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  1. WTB: Mesa/EVH/Hughes&Kettner 4x12 Cabinet

    Do contact me at 9 eight 2 three 1 four 4 eight if you have any of the following that you're willing to let go :D If you have any other 4x12 that you think my pique my interest do hit me up as well!
  2. Re: WTS : Hi-End Cymball Collection (Sabian Artisan, HHX, Zildjian K, Byzance, etc.)

    hey man i'm interested in the byzance trash crash if it's still available. i can be contactable at nine eight two three one four four eight
  3. WTS/WTT 18" Istanbul Mehmet Turk Crash

    Hi guys, I'm selling/looking to trade my absolutely mint condition 18" Istanbul Mehmet Turk Crash. Impulse purchased it yesterday and realised that it was too dry for the type of music I play (the...
  4. Wts: Gretsch catalina birch shell pack + free 10" tom


    letting go at $300. Price is negotiable as i'm looking to downsize my kit.
    Text or whatsapp: 9 eight 2 3 1 4 4 eight
  5. WTS: 20" Zildjian A Series Ping Ride

    Self explanatory cymbal la, has a very good stick definition and a nice cutting bell.

    8/10 Condition. Just polished, slight fade in logo.

    Looking to sell for $170 but price is negotiable.
  6. WTT Spaun Custom 13 by 6 Maple snare

    Looking for a metal snare that has more cut and volume to suit the genre of music i play.

    Whatsapp or text me at 98231448 for pics
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    Re: Ayyyy massive sale


    Iron cobra pedals have been reserved!

    Ping ride price has been revised to 150 due to low demand

    Zxt hi hats price has been revised to 80 due to high demand
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    Ayyyy massive sale

    Hey guys selling a bunch of drum stuff:

    Tama Iron Cobra JR Double Pedals - $180

    Zildjian Avedis 20" Ping Ride - $170

    Zildjian ZXT 14" Hi Hat - $60

    Text me at 9823144eight
  9. WTS Zildjian Avedis Ping Ride 20"

    letting it go for 170. very versatile ride with great stick definition.

    whatsapp/text me at 9eight23144eight
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    WTB Bass drum

    Looking for just a bass drum to practice my grooves since i alr have a hi hat and snare.

    Any brand/model pm me at 9823onefourfoureight
  11. WTB Multichannel Headphone Amplifier

    Preferably at least 6 channels.

    text/whatsapp me at 9823onefourfour8
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    Re: WTB: Yamaha KP65 for $80

    Whatever floats your boat.. Good luck with that haha
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    Re: WTB: Yamaha KP65 for $80

    if there's a problem with the kp65, get a different brand/model then...
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    Re: WTB: Double Bass Pedal under $60

    haha bro if you can find someone selling their good condition double pedals for $60 i'll give you mine for free
  15. WTB: Hi Hats that don't sound terrible

    I have this pair of planet z hi hats and they sound absolutely terrible.

    Looking for high end or mid-high end series hi hats to up my groove game.

    Bright or traditional finish oso can.
  16. Re: WTS Yamaha 1980s Drumset, Zidljian 18" Projection Crash, Samson 8 mic kit and mor

    sorry to break it to you but the samson 8 mic kit goes for less than 300 USD online brand new
  17. Re: Ideas for setting up a jamming studio.. What jammers want!!

    Might be a tad bit biased here since I'm a drummer, but acoustics is a big factor for me. Sometimes the room is too cramped and there's a lot of interference with the instruments.

    For drums, good...
  18. Re: WTS: Toms and bass, 10", 12", 13" toms; 14", 16" floor toms; 20" bass

    It's a pearl target (entry level), i think 800 is a little too much.
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    WTB E-Drum cymbal pad

    Hei guise looking for an e-drum cymbal pad to expand my e-kit.

    Preferably Roland, but Yamaha or Alesis is fine too.

    If you have any that you're willing to part ways with, drop me a text at...
  20. Metal drummer who wants to make music

    Hi I'm a drummer who's willing to help write/add drum parts to your guitar tracks or help out with your solo projects for free. I primarily play metalcore, progressive metal and some instrumental...
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    WTB High-end Double Pedal

    Lookin to upgrade from my Iron Cobra JRs. text me your offers at 9 8 2 3 1 4 4 8.
  22. WTS/WTT: 20" Zildjian Avedis Ping Ride - $200

    hi guise looking to sell my 20" avedis ping ride cymbal
    traditional finish, slide fade in logo, overall cosmetic condition 8/10.

    Going for 200, slightly nego. SLIGHTLY

    if applicable,...
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    WTB Tom Clamp

    Looking for L Rodded Tom Clamps.
    Text or whatsapp me your offers at 98231448
  24. WTT/WTS 20" Zildjian Avedis Ping Ride (Traditional Finish)

    Hi looking to sell away my 20" Zildjian A ping ride. It has nice stick definition and a cutting bell. However I'm looking for a new sound.

    On the other hand, I am accepting trades as well....

    Text or whatsapp me your offers at 82316062
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