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  1. Breed - Nirvana cover by Lula the Magic Queen

    Fellow Nirvana fans! Here is our cover of Breed by Nirvana. Kurt Cobain would have been 53 years old today if he was alive. Hope we did the song justice and this is our tribute to the band who shaped...
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    Re: Let's bring back Grunge!

    Still looking for members
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    Let's bring back Grunge!

    Hi all,

    Looking for members to form a grunge/post grunge band, influenced by Nirvana and early Silverchair, as well as Seether, Audioslave, Soundgarden, etc. More towards the heavier grunge side....
  4. Re: Looking for members for alternative/hard rock band


    Still in looks for vocals and guitar
  5. Re: Looking for members for alternative/hard rock band

    Adding Chevelle to the list. Not sure why i could not edit my post.
  6. Looking for members for alternative/hard rock band

    Hey all,

    I'm Raj. 30 this year. Currently drumming for Lula The Magic Queen.

    I'm thinking of starting a side project to focus on hard/alternative rock. Some what like a cross between...
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    Calling all bands!


    Get your band listed on now!

    Our mission is to create awareness about the live band scene in Singapore.
    There are a lot of venues in Singapore that reach out...
  8. Looking for guitarist, bassist (and maybe keyboardist) for pop/punk/alt rock band

    Hi all,

    I'm planning on starting a side pop/punk/alt rock band. I'm a drummer and i have a guitarist who is also interested. Looking for another guitarist and bassist. Keyboardist is optional but...
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    Drummer looking for jamming buddies


    Drummer here looking for buddies to jam with. I have a few songs listed below. See if it's something you like.

    1. GnR - Sweet Child o' Mine
    2. Velvet Revolver - Slither
    3. Nirvana -...
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    SOLD WTS - Pearl Fun Box Cajon


    I'm selling my Pearl Fun Box Cajon for $100. It is still in great condition. It is a smaller cajon and a great addition to your percussion inventory. I have attached some photos below. If you...
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    Incubus - The Warmth (Drum Cover)

    Hey all!

    Do check out my drum cover of The Warmth by Incubus. :)
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    Drum Teacher Available

    Hi all,

    My name is Raj. I've been playing drums for about 9 years. I have both stage and recording studio experience. I can read and write drum music as well. My style of playing is a cross...
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    Re: Pre-order Angel Wine debut album now!!

    You can listen to 2 songs from the album here.
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    Pre-order Angel Wine debut album now!!

    Hi all,

    The pre-order for our (Angel Wine) debut album is open. We are a modern rock band. The album contains 7 original songs, with a combination of hard rock songs and slow rock ballads. It...
  15. Angel Wine Official Music video + FREE DOWNLOAD!

    Hey guys, check out our official music video for Dirty Love, our first single from our debut album.

    We are also giving out 2 songs from our debut album for FREE! All you need to do is:

    1. Login...
  16. Angel Wine playing "Dirty Love", an acoustic version of our original.

    Hey all!

    Here's a video of us playing an acoustic version of "Dirty Love", one of the songs from our album.
    If you like it, please share and follow us for more information about our debut album....
  17. Angel Wine's acoustic cover of Alter Bridge's "Watch Over You"

    Hi all,

    Do check out my band, Angel Wine, covering an acoustic version of "Watch Over You" by Alter Bridge.
    We currently have just finished recording our 7 song EP, launching late September....
  18. SOLD Re: WTS: 5 Piece Drum Kit ($300). Click for details.

    Just an update. I'm selling 2 cymbal stands not 3 (hihat and one standard cymbal stand).
  19. SOLD WTS: 5 Piece Drum Kit ($300). Click for details.

    Hi all,

    I'm selling my 5 Piece black Carlos drum kit. It comes with:
    - Snare
    - Kick drum
    - 2 Rack Toms
    - Floor Tom
    - 3 cymbal stands (hi-hats, and 2 standard cymbal stands)
    - Kick pedal
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