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  1. WTS MXL 770 With Case and ShockMount

    Selling this microphone as i hardly use it and its taking up space. It is in mint condition! Whatsapp me at 9756 9964 thanks!
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    WTS Friedman Golden Pearl

    Selling this at $200 as i have got a Fractal AX8 now. In Mint condition. Whatsapp me at 9756 9964 Thanks!
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    WTS D'Angelico Premier EXL-1

    Rarely used. RFS: Need to fund for other priorities. Mint condition. Comes with padded gig bag by D'Angelico. Warm like butter. Will give 2 packets of free strings that is the same gauge as setup on...
  4. WTS Bogner Ecstasy Blue Overdrive Pedal !

    Selling this power pack awesome drive pedal as i recently just got a fractal. V good condition. Working perfectly. I will miss this pedal but i don't use it anymore. Comes with original box and...
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