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  1. Looking for Guitarist for an acoustic set up(New 3 man band)

    Hi All,

    Looking for a guitarist that is able to play english and chinese songs.
    Preferably open to playing Christian music as well. Bonus if can sing as well.

    Jams are weekly.

    This band...
  2. Re: Looking for a cajon player/bongo player/percussionist

    Hi Im 25 male chinese. Abraham. am a cajon/drummer and have previous busking experience. hope you are still looking
  3. Re: cajon player to do mix of eng/chinese pop

    Hi! I am a Cajon player who has some busking experience previously. love to hear from you and you can contact me at 81808272
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    Re: drummer and singer

    Hi Im Abraham, 25 male. been drumming for about 4 years ish. Been in a band before during my poly days for English music before picking a different style in contempt church music. am keen and love to...
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    Re: Looking for drummer!! (Mandarin songs)

    Hi, interested drummer. 25 male! can contact me at 81808272 if u are still looking :)
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    Re: Mandopop/Cantopop Band

    Hi I am Cajon/Drummer. Have previous busking experience. Love Mandopop songs as well :) Hope you are still looking for one! can send you a short snipper of what i did previously with a vocalist in...
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