NGEE Ann Poly Fellows - Intro

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  1. ierfan.
    Wow, quite a lot of AVT students here. 2nd year AVT here.
    Btw, there's a gig at the alumni clubhouse's function room next Friday, 14th January, from 5-10. Some of the bands performing are from Ngee Ann, eg. Age Of Tomorrow and other bands like Seasonscape, Vessel, Autumn Atlantic and Tacit Aria. Pre-sale tickets are $6 and $7 for at-the-door sales. It's for an I&E project, so please come and support. You can contact me at 9 2 2 7 4 4 9 4 if interested.
  2. Gab
    Hey Guys,

    BME student Final Year. Hey guys I heard theres a music school having promotions for poly students if you guys wanna learn instruments check it out on facebook/DomoMusicStudio
  3. Elizabeth Kamaldin
    Elizabeth Kamaldin
    Hey Guys!
    I'm Elizabeth, Mass Communication Year 2!
    @PressToPlay - Hi Lennon :] Don't know if you remember me, but I'm from the other sem!
    Hahas, anyway Yep. I'm into bands like BFMV, Bless the Fall, A7X (SORRY I KNOW IT'S DAM GAY BUT I LIKE IT)...
    And ... I play a little guitar :]
  4. Mehhz
    Hey guys i'm from Mechanical Engineering 1st year
    into bands like Muse, paramore, My chemical romance ..etc..
    Yeah and i play guitar.
    Finding someone to jam a little and maybe get some exposure
  5. shamniceguy
    Hey, help me like this link and spread it to your friends!!!=D THANKS!!!
  6. Jugman
    GOD i miss poly so much.
  7. chrisxtremes
    I just graduated this year from BIT. Play the drums few years back. Not really in any band though.. I like grooves of the drum like the steve jordan.
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