The Music Brainchild

  1. naomisoxy
    Hey all TPians and Alumni,

    I may be the only one who feels this way, but I think we should set up an Acouctic Music Club (IG) where people can come together to learn from each other, play covers and write music. What do you all think? Its going to be different from MusicVox thats for sure. Because we wont be focusing on building bands, but on learning to adapt to different playing styles and even perhaps in the future hosting various exhibitions, workshops or even going to the streets! We can even do events.
    It doesn't have to be just guitars. We can cover anything from violins, to percussions and even acoustic drums. Or Acoustic Bass. I'm just randomly throwing out ideas.

    Its just a thought. A burning thought.
    Any ideas? Any comments?

    3rd Year Marketing
  2. kashfun
    I already have the plan somewhat planned out since a few months back. What's left is to put it to action. Wanna join me and help me start the cca? I PMed you my contact so do contact me
  3. nabilftw10
    Hi. I'm a Year 1.2 student in Interactive Media Technology (ENG).

    If this cca IS created, I'm really keen on joining. I'd be more than happy to share my works and learn more from other solo musicians. I tried out for Music Vox when I was in 1.1 but my band didn't get in. So, currently I'm doing solo work as a cover artist and most of my covers are on my Youtube page:

    Alternatively, if you'd like to see more of my covers, some of which I've recently posted only here, you can add me on fb: Nabil Sockhead Aizat.

    Please support my page, and I'd be more than willing to help set up the Acoustic Musicians Club in TP! Thanks!
  4. beadznpis
    Naomi! great idea! hope those of you who are still in TP can start sth....

    BUS year3, graduating soon =)
  5. SilentsurprisE
    Hey,i'm a freshie this year,design school i think its an awesome idea,i would certainly join the cca just wondering,is the cca like official? I dont have a cca yet,and am looking for one.if this cca is open i'll join it
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