The Studio Hangar Sessions

  1. alphaex
    Hey RP-ians!

    Studio IG has created a show called The Studio Hangar Sessions aiming to showcase RP bands in the school. We've just completed our first episode with Bear Culture and will be releasing their show very soon on Youtube!

    Please support us on our page on Facebook and Youtube-

    Also do support Bear Culture-
  2. soft
    Awesome. Let us know when the video is up.
  3. alphaex
    We've just released the first video of Bear Culture called "Getting to know: What is Bear Culture about?"

    On the Monday (18th Apr), we're releasing their first song from the show! So stay tuned!
  4. alphaex
    Hi peeps!

    We've just released Bear Culture's first song entitled "Little Bastard" on The Studio Hangar Sessions!

    We're be releasing a new video every Monday! So keep a look out for that!

    Do support us by liking our pages

    Also do support Bear Culture-
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