after all this music movement, what happen after that ?

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    I stumble upon Zomrec & I tink this guy is cool, frm his profile i read, he is a straight up person & i'm quite impress that he's daring to voice out the real thing abt music. Music does not involve individual, it has to be a group of talented people improving the statistic of the music movement frm time to time. one of my frens involve in his program, its unbelievable that she's recorded 2 tracks frm him & will hv her own album. its all abt getting known, glamour & whatever.. but wat i believe in, music is about communication despite all those intellectual point & debating style. I tink this guy prove a point & get it done legitimately. its hard thou to prepare all this music album producing whatsoever.. but i tink its cool & i'm goin to support my fren listening to her sweet voice, maybe this could help you who r into this thing.. and forum for music lovers too !!
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