Horror Games.

  1. sage
    Anyone has favourites? Mine is still leaning towards "Scratches", god that game is C R E E P Y. Still waiting for something to top that, next to Silent Hill and that.. ghost-camera game whose name escapes me at the moment.
  2. Girlpants
    "ghost-camera game whose name escapes me at the moment"

    F***. I hate that game.
    I can visualize liao.

    *run to mummy*
  3. sage
    Shiok what~ Especially when you play at like 3am in the morning and you need to cross through the dark hall of your house to go to the toilet. :P
  4. Girlpants
    What shiok?
    A shiok game is when you can carry flamethrower or parang around and kill people.
    I don't like games that scare the shit out of me.

    The first game that scare shits out of me is Doom. Play it when I was a little little kid.
    Walk around the game with my gun, open the door, there stand a scary looking demon who roar so loud I got scared.

  5. dioswkg
    Got a couple of horror games on xbox and xbox360 but never really got to play them cos play for 5 mins, I retire :mrgreen:.
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