The Acoustics (Planning to start a club)

  1. kashfun
    Hey TP-ians!

    I've gone around asking and it seems it is not that easy to start a CCA in TP. HOWEVER, there is one way. We can start a CCA once SAA has recognised us.

    So, my plan is simple. The plan is that I will start a 'club' and gather students. We will meet up to jam, share knowledge, join competitions, perform, etc. We will grow slowly and be recognised by SAA.

    Though, the difficult part is, how many will commit since it's not an official CCA and there are no seal points rewarded (YET).

    Interested parties can contact me at 9852 4990. I will only start this once I have at least 15 members.

    Hope to see all you TP-ians around
  2. angelixangel
    Hey hey, can you tell me more about this?
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