Singer/Rhythm guitarist needed! (indie/post-punk)

  1. evanwoonisaac

    My band is looking for vocalist/rhythm guitarist! We are an indie/post punk band thats trying out for SP's battle of the bands! Currently there are 3 members in the band, which are -

    Zachary - Lead guitar
    Edwin - Drums/Percussion
    and me! - Bass/ Vocals

    We're working on covering TDCC's undercover martyn and Bloc party's hunting for witches for the battle of the bands. We're also working on an original song which you can check out here -->

    I can play bass and sing at the same time, but my vocal range is not really that high. So as a result, I only can sing at the most low parts :/ I write lyrics for the band too!
    So if your vocal range is similar to alex trimble's voice (which is high-pitched and smooth) and you can play simple rhythm guitar, then WE WANT YOU! You can contact me @ 82216595 (:

  2. evanwoonisaac
    Post taken. Dont need orready thanks errbody thanks.
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