NGEE Ann Poly Fellows - Intro

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  1. trevor98
    Hi All Ngee Ann Poly Folks,
    Let's introduce ourself for the same "music" interest. I'll start first.
    I graduated yr1987, from EEE dept.
    Currently, in pharmaceutical industry.
    Any interesting events or talks we can share ?

  2. carboxymoron
    "I graduated yr1987"
    I born 1988 lol

    Mass comm here. Some really good music coming out of NP nowadays. Regret not being more involved when I was in school!
  3. freakboy
    hey fellow NPs! final year EE student here graduating this august! nice to meet u all!
  4. trevor98
    Hey, don't make fun of "old" folks leh...
    NP is definately a great place, irrespective of "age" or how "old"....
    Carboxymoron, what are the "good music" that NP had produced? Like to have your recommendations.
    Freakboy, good luck to your final year, man...
  5. harrotty
    hi all final year student from AT, nice to meet u!!
  6. carboxymoron
    Sorry lah :P Not making fun
    Well I think the most notable band from recent batches is probably Lunar Node. Half (or more?) of them are from NP. There's a lot of talent that hasn't gotten as much exposure. But thanks to our own radio station and in-house label they have a chance to perform and record.
    And of course not forgetting softies like Simon Lai also alumni \m/
  7. Mr. Mouse
    Mr. Mouse
    First year in AVT! Haiiii.
  8. cool-beans
    Hey guys, MCM-er here. Graduated in 2004. Doing corp comms by day and playing the bass by night!
  9. b33r
    final year in MCM, not much time left in NP. question, how come there aren't anymore gigs in NP?
  10. Jugman
    Mr. Mouse, first year in AVT?

    i've just graduated from AVT.

    if you need any help, you can ask though. i'll try my best to help =)
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