1. weckl-x
    *yawn* - What's a 'social group' for?
  2. PEACE
    I'm actually not a drummer (yet), I'm just a guy who plays a little guitar & bass.

    I brought my 3.5 year old son to Music Clef school at Suntec City Mall and the instructor (a young drummer) sat my kid down on the drum set & he learned pretty fast, well for a first timer.

    I wonder if this is an appropriate age to learn drumming?
    Any other good music schools to recommend?
    I could probably buy a drum set with mute pads, but how realistic is it when you practice at home? (I live in an ordinary apartment.)
  3. ghost
    practicing drums in a normal hdb apartment is really a pain..gotta muffle all and all that..i feel for you man..i gotta make trips to jamming studio just practice ever since neighbours complain..damn those douches yea lol
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