Jamming sessions! All performers welcome!

  1. kriziacarriaga
    Are you looking for a venue where you can showcase your musical skills? Whether you are a budding musician, professional singer or you just want to perform live and have fun with friends, Actors The Jam Bar is the place for you! Anyone is welcome to pick up the mike or an instrument and jam with the band.

    We have new jam sessions starting on October 15 like "Acoustic"or "Top 40". So if you want a little push to get out there, then head down to Actors The Jam Bar any night of the week.

    For booking/reservations: call 983-83676 or email info@actorsthejambar.com (No Cover Charge)
    For more information: visit www.actorsthejambar.com and like our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/actorsthejambarsg

    Actors the Jam Bar is located at 13A-15A South Bridge Road Singapore 058657.
  2. Rock'n'Singapore
    Are you guys up for a weird project in May?
    In May there is an international meeting at the Suntec convention center. This meeting, which annually travels around the world, will be attended by 2000(+) people. During that week there will be various parties at night plus a big closing ceremony... Last year we played at one of these parties together with local musicians - in Toronto, Canada. The band was casted from all over the world (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada,...) all guys playing in their bands back home. We only play together at this meeting. The idea is to cover classic rock songs and to have a great party!
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