What are you currently playing?

  1. sage
    List your current game obsession.
  2. DIstortIoner
    i am not obsessed but i am playing Resistance 2 and GTA 4 on ps3. Add me up PSNID: g-tibbert . State u r from here
  3. Ocean
    Resistance 2, Assassin creed and Conquer Online(this game sucks but im addicted lol)
  4. sofyan
    I completed GTA 4 not too long ago but i still play it for pure killing fun. current game im actually playing is Metal Gear Solid 4. shiok
  5. Girlpants
    I am so very OBSESSED with GTA. Played every single version many many times! So obsessed that I'd rather lose sleep than stop playing.

    Sofyan: Metal Gear is one shiok game! One of the games that I'd rather lose sleep also.
  6. sage
    I'm currently heading off with The Witcher, prepping myself for the second part.
    Assassin's Creed ROCKS. But my graphic card like wanna die with all those HD textures... And I never quite got the ending :S Waiting for part 2!!
  7. dioswkg
    GTA and NFS is my fav type of games.

    Assassin Creed is just damn gorgeous and hopefully there will be a 2nd installment for this kick arse game.

    The same goes to Mass Effect! Nice game.
    Currently waiting for The Godfather II to be release!
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