1. Lovehurts
    GP: oh you're a nurse? cool...yeah doctors are humans afterall, rite? hehe
    ZULLIO: hey thx for sharing your views! i've replied. Yeah, DUDELOVE really threw it back in his face. It's obvious he didn't think hard enough on the question he was throwing at us, Utd fans.
  2. Lovehurts
    You don't work BLOD? sorry lah, blur cos i don't know you.
  3. Girlpants
    LH: Not exactly a nurse. But I looovvveee my job, and my colleagues and my big fat bonuses. hehehehehe.

    Blodstyre....I thought you set your eyes on the ATX?? You know, you might as well use the money and go Greece with me. heehe
  4. Lovehurts
    GP: oh ya so when you plannin to go to Greece? Found a partner yet? Cool..its fantastic that you love your job!! I'm so tired & i just wished i could go back home right now, get under my blankets & watch episodes of "FRIENDS" while munching on a big bag of Doritos.
  5. Girlpants
    LH: Greece, I think I'll wait till I turn 21 then maybe my mum will let me go alone.
    My job is actually very tiring too. This morning there's one emergency surgery which ends at 3am. And there are times during PH or Suns, we have to come back to help out in surgeries.
  6. fgl
    I m home kiddos ... miss me?

    Blod - sorry bro - but GP cuter than U so boh pien gotta go wif her

    dahlin - my headache & neck ache better now :-D
  7. Lovehurts
    GP: damn you're so young!! k lah, i'm not that much older.. yay
    I'd love to work in a medicalk field. actually, i had enrolled to be a nurse when i was 17...haha..
    FGL D: Good good, see. My hands are a real treat.
  8. Girlpants
    I am really young. NOt like all these bluffers in KKN. hahahahah
  9. Lovehurts
    GP: i'm dreaming of a trip to Barcelona, Brazil, München (munich), Costa Rica....and many more! I just need to find the time to travel that extensively! and i need to find a multi-billionaire to fund it & make him a multi-millionaire.
  10. Lovehurts
    GP: eh, how young we talking? 19?
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