1. Tetragrammaton
    Happy belated Id Adha!!! Was busy the weekend and of course today lah. Lots of guests came from Kuala Lumpur, Holland, etc..lah.
  2. fgl
    wah - today yello jello club we play at - chalat coz 2 moro work day & also rain - whole night we had like at max about 10 tables ...tops ....

    but relaxing for us of course :-)
  3. fgl
    escape - u can bring girlpants & the other KKNers to esplanade gig lah :-)
  4. fgl
    Good mornin kkners - its another cold and wet day so far - lets for for some sunshine today ....
  5. Girlpants
    FGL: When ah? Cos my schedule will be damn damn packed for the whole of Dec...
  6. fgl
    Girlpants - you can view the Gigs thread for more details - its basically on 2 Jan at Esplanade waterfront ...

    and of course RG is on 6 nights a week at Yelo Jello at Clarke Quay ....

    Looking forward to see you in person after Thoa's vivid description of your jembuness :-)
  7. fgl

    bootleg vid of RG taken on opening nite at Yello Jello when the sound hadnt really been worked out yet
  8. Girlpants
    2nd Jan... hmm, still long lah.
    I SHOULD be able to make it.

    But but but, I have this really dumb "fear" of meeting new people.
    Okay seriously.
  9. hecklerkoch
    FGL machiam wear baju kurung sia.

  10. fgl
    girlpants - really?? wow we are similar except my new fear is meeting dumb people ...hee hee which I'm sure U r not .. :-)

    vicko - long time no see .........

    Heckler - yeah ... the freakn sgt pepper outfits the club rented for us looked nore like baju melayu or pajamas .... lets hope our new tailored suits will look better ....

    Unlike the cooler yello jello sets - pour esplanade performance shud be more similar to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfuVGrGjo8s
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