1. Lovehurts
    Dahlin - wah, quite a lot of jazzy giggsy. Try to keep awake. But gigging is always fun la especially with the right kakis.
  2. fgl
    ai yah ... jazzy gigs sian but pays btw $300 - $350 per ngt so .. ok .. lah
  3. snuffleupagus
    hahah reviews ah...that will take the whole day/ basically im very happy with it. I used to own the ME 50, and I have 50+ over stompboxes at home too. I use it in the manual mode a la stompbox style, and I must say the tones are impressive!Wah is better than the ME 50, Distortions sound way better than the ME 50, the 38 second looper delay alone is worth the money. I tried direct to PA( u can this time as there is a switchable preamp section) and I tried jamming with it in a studio using it purely as effects, superb man! Value for money, usable tones, simple as FArk to use, oh and fun too!
  4. fgl
    how much U selling it to me for snuffs? :mrgreen:
  5. snuffleupagus
    hahahah nooooooooo! not this time bro!this is a keeper! by the way, i got it at the sweelee sale, 480 for the board, and 30 for the adaptor.

    LH- Add me on msn!
  6. Lovehurts
    Snuffs! PM me and gimme your msn la! Then we can talk all kinds of crap .... endlessly!!!! :lol:

    Dahlin - yeah good money but boring la...it's a dreadful thing to pass the time by..
  7. Lovehurts
    wah snuffs, we really know how to talk rubbish, man!
  8. fgl
    mornin KKNers - wed ...
  9. snuffleupagus
    goood morning!2 more days till LONG WEEKEND!

    LH- yeah!

    Bro, if you like good steak, i recommend Hooha @ pasir Panjang!
  10. fgl
    Morn snuffs -

    yeah...2 day i half day woooooooooooooo

    pasir panjang far man!
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