1. fgl
    3 hrs 28 min to freeedommmmmmmmmmmm
  2. Lovehurts
    1hr 55mins to freedom....

    Wah, i can't wait for the weekend to kick in. This has been one long week.
  3. Tetragrammaton
    Sure bro fgl...I'll be there....anyway...I freedom since yesterday ah....already enjoying the long weekend.....hehehe
  4. fgl
    23 mins to freedom ...
    Tetra - meet me at Tong Seng 615pmlah .. weeat chicken rice

    Dahlin .... maybe we go see U 2nite? :mrgreen:
  5. wyldeboon
    my party starts last nite sia... drank like 30 stouts at kopitiam till 7am...then go work...now still can feel the kick... later makan n shopping with two babes... then stout time again............ i love stout...

    sat got date

    sun got date with a gorgeous babe at national stadium
  6. fgl
    wow what a great time we had last night

    evening started with me & Faz at acid bar to catch KKN Slyta in action.

    This was followd by up me. Faz Geri (RG drummer) and some of Faz's kakis at Insommnia at chymes..

    Later I hear blosyre & Thoa joined ...

    Me & Geri went to makan then on to Gossip bar at Parklane -KICK ASS band playing classic rock .... great babes, met old kaki Yazid from Lovehunters whose singing there .... partied till late ....

    A great way to start the weekend - now its guitar modding time
  7. Tetragrammaton
    Yeah...it was fun for boy's nite out yesterday.

    Here's some of the ladies we met.....
  8. fgl
    hhahahahahahaa power la Tetra :mrgreen:
  9. wyldeboon
    Liverpool was great!!!

    nice to hear the whole stadium chanting MAN U SUCKS at 3 guys who wore manu jersey.
    yes... they were forced to take off the blardy jersey!

    and girlpants pressure. but rafa benitez waved at her
  10. fgl
    Hahahahahaaa all chanted man u sux? Hilarious ....

    Mornin kkners - it freakin monday - sianzzzzzzzz
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