1. wyldeboon
    but yesterday rabak sia... work till cannot work...
  2. fgl
    mmmmmmmmmmm chcicken briyani yeahhhhhhhhhh
  3. arina.lisa.eriyn
    Haluu.. I just woke up again.. Late sia for sch.. But nvm.. I want to withdraw anyways..

    FGL: I really hope I can go out malam2 for the last night pat Yello Jello.. =))

    GP: I want chicken rice!

    Tetra: Yeap2 I gg Mayuni Omar for Dew's bdae... =D

    I saw Darfy and Bella!.. Rindu korang...
  4. Tetragrammaton
    Yeah...chicken briyani...delicious ah...yum..yum...

    fgl: Yeah...I'm coming for Dew's birthday...but won't be bringing my beautiful batik guitar ah....becos..heavy ah..and my back hurt ah..and when I travel with the MRT people knock on it..I heart pain....and I sleepy now...
  5. Tetragrammaton
    Arina: Eh..why wanna withdraw from school ah? You wait tomorrow I lecture you ah...Hehehehe....
  6. Blodstyre
    Loaded like a freight train
    Flyin' like an aeroplane
    Feelin' like a space brain
    One more time tonight

    Well I'm a west coast struttin'
    One bad mother
    Got a rattlesnake suitcase
    Under my arm
    Said I'm a mean machine
    Been drinkin' gasoline
    And honey you can make my motor hum
    Well I got one chance left
    In a nine live cat
    I got a dog eat dog sly smile
    I got a Molotov cocktail with a match to go
    I smoke my cigarette with style
    An I can tell you honey
    You can make my money tonight

    Wake up late honey put on your clothes
    Take your credit card to the liquor store
    That's one for you and two for me by tonight
    I'll be loaded like a freight train
    Flyin' like an aeroplane
    Feelin' like a space brain
    One more time tonight

  7. fgl
    Arina - wooooooo pags & Bella together .......... ???????????
  8. wyldeboon
    arina: are u sure or not?

    see now tat tetra wanna lecture u... i haven lecture u yet leh...

    but rabak siak... tat day the sky very clear...no clouds
  9. arina.lisa.eriyn
    Haiya dun want lecture2 la... I kena 4 lectures from lecturers... afew from friends already and not forgetting myself... I really want to withdraw cause its not for me... I dont hv the heart to go nurse people... I dont hv the passion... Anway if I go take the exam I'll fail... Then kena dismissed... Withdraw better than dismissed..
  10. arina.lisa.eriyn
    FGL: No lah... I mean I saw their name chatting here lahh....

    Blod: ooooo... nice.. You make or from where?

    Boon: I super sure...

    Eh, I want to go out leh.... My body aching sia in my bed long long time.. I sleep 1am (better than 6am) but still wake up 1pm...
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