1. Lovehurts
    Dahlin : you tempted me into having the colonel's chicken lah..so i'm thinking of that..raffles plc area is super boring..aiya i better ask my colleague what they wanna eat first..
  2. Lovehurts
    GP : NOOOOOO! You people!! Stop with the tong seng, boon keng, ramasamy-mutu keng's chicken rice!!!
    DAHLING : me fav cuisine is italiano! i love pasta, cream sauces especially...ooh...cream saucce.....ooh...kk, stop stop
    Hey Joe!
  3. mattbella
    wah hot topic.
  4. Girlpants
    Ian, wait till YOUR hot story with Boon come out to light.
  5. fgl
    raffles place - yah so bz there - dahlin I used 2 wek there b4 in previous airline ..now in Beach Road area ... but still not too far from U :mrgreen: ...
  6. wyldeboon
    ok random... anyone wanna buy my tele? i is gas for a floyd guitar.............
  7. Lovehurts
    who's ian? mattbella? hey matt!! sup' brudder? yeah! hot topic indeed!!
    DAHLIN - oh izzit? ya RP boring like shit right? hate it. eh! you work in an airline co? good good...book me ticket to YEMEN!! yeah, not far at all....oooh........exciting!
  8. EiraVanora
    hello hello all you music pipioks....!!!!

    wats the topic..?
  9. Girlpants
    Ian is matabella.
  10. EiraVanora
    GP: wat hot topic abt ian and boon???
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