1. mattbella
    Lovehurts - Yea...super nice is nice,really nice on a nice rainy day *wink.n i think dr luv is fgl.
  2. Lovehurts
    Ahem...Yes why of coz super nice is really nice on a nice rainy day So you're in bed now while the rest of us are imprisoned at work?? I should hate you right now but NEVER!! I never can hate a fellow Utd fan
  3. Lovehurts
    Hmm...why aren't i surprised that the shady Dr Luv is FGL?
  4. mattbella
    Yea um in bed now.nice right!!!hahaha.its monday babe!!!
  5. Lovehurts
    Damnit. It's annoying me that you're all nice & curled up in bed whilst the rest of us unfortunate ones are here at work. Damnit! Yes I know it's monday. I usually am hit with the dreadful Monday blues but thanks to my 11 boys at Utd, I have no Monday blues!!
  6. mattbella
    woooohoooo.thats the spirit! GO MAN U!!!!!!
  7. Lovehurts
    YEAH!! Go MAN UTD!! Snatch the EPL title right from under the Scousers noses!! I mean, they should be used to trophy-less seasons. Afterall, they've not won it in like 20 years?? Might as well be a century!
  8. Lovehurts
    Eh Matt, just realised, we're the only 2 idiots actively chatting here...LOL!! Where are the rest??
  9. mattbella
    haha true!!!damn.awesome season.
    hey lovehurts,thers no 2 idiots.well im not,n im sure ure not 2.haha.
    the rest bz workin i guess!!!lol
  10. Lovehurts
    Haha...Ya busy working while I'm slacking away here at work! You don't work? Or you're still studying perhaps? Yea, it's been an awesome season indeed. I've enjoyed every min of it especially now when the silverware is so close to us I can almost smell the gold!
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