1. Girlpants
    Morning all.
    Only crazy people work tomorrow. hahahah

    Boon: I can't hear lah. Mount E no speakers. I haven't even heard THOA's track.
  2. Girlpants
    I stumbled upon a Tour Package to Greece.
    $3138 only!! For 10 days. I WANT!!!!!!!!
  3. fgl
    girlpants - RABAK TAK DENGAR! Penalty: Buy me chicken rice ....

    2moro I'm going to catch Slyta at Acid Bar at 730pm - anyone wanna come?

    After that at YJ - my firend caroline & her crazee girl on girl lambada kakis havingtheir b'day celebration with the entire girl gang there - shud be quite a hens night ....

  4. Blodstyre
    lunch where go?

  5. Tetragrammaton
    Good morning everyone!

    Just came back from hospital. Siaw Doctors ah!! Nothing wrong with me want to ward me for what. Hehehehe!! Now back at home.

    Maybe later will back to office ah.....Got some pain killers and probably will be fine in an hour or two.
  6. fgl
    WARD FOR COMPLLETE CHECK UP? but beware the anal probe - especially if the dude doing it is gayish looking ... :mrgreen:

    anyone remember the recent case where some woman was molested when she went to hospital for back treatment - the "specialist" inserted two fingers into her vagina .... kinda like wats that got to do wif back bone rightt ... right?????????

    girlpants - we need your professional opinion on this subject
  7. Tetragrammaton
    Well....my case was different. This morning I went to Polyclinic. The doctor sent me to NUH...with an ambulance. What a joke!! And then at NUH..they just leave me in the ward. One hour later...I cabut liao....Hehehehe!! They call me later..to collect medicine at poly which I already did while in poly. Hehehehe!!
  8. Tetragrammaton
    Now...I'm much better and I'm tracking my guitar which is on the way to me. Estimated arrival date is 29th April. That's really cool!!
  9. wyldeboon
    i is want to do a project... i is nid 2 more guitarist of the different influences
  10. Blodstyre
    boonz: can i volunteer?

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