1. Lovehurts
    Pags - yes ah! I'm a girl ah, not babe...haha...you thought i was a dude??? HAIYO!!

    GP - Barthez ah? That bald-headed good-for-nothing butter-fingers goalkeeper?? No, thanks. Oh they going to your place ah? K then. Maybe I make a detour to Argentina instead & have afternoon tea with Maradona, his illegitimate son, Veron & Tevez.

    Boonz - eh! what has the rain got to do with hard test or hard whatever??
  2. paganified
  3. paganified
    GP- these days im very temperamental. so u still wanna grab me?
  4. Girlpants
    GP - Barthez ah? That bald-headed good-for-nothing butter-fingers goalkeeper??

    Barthez is the "legend". LOL!!
    Anyway, Maradona called to say he's got doctor's appointment with my doctor.

    Pags, er......no need lah. Ask boon to cool you down first.
  5. fgl
    10 minstolunch!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW lovehurts looks like Cameron Diaz
  6. Lovehurts
    yea, for some reason dahlin thinks i look like cameron diaz..i think he's testing out his sarcasm skills on me...heh.

    Whatcha gona have dahlin?

    GP - barthez?? Legend?? No lah, how could he possibly overtake Massimo Taibi for the title of "Legend"??
    No leh, actually i called Kaka. He said he's gona stand u up & meet me at my hotel rm in Brazil instead la..He suggested playing strip poker But I told him only provided Pele is the banker.
  7. Lovehurts
    Pags - waah! 6 foot 6?? isnt that like Tony Parker's height already? yeah, damn sad...she really must've gone thru alot...hai.
  8. Girlpants
    Barthez legend lah. You don't know. Especially the time when he went out of the GK box and save the ball from there. Classic! hahahahaha.
  9. Lovehurts
    GP - haha...aiya..barthez is in a league of his own la...and not in a flattering way!
    but okok, you can have him over to your house la. I got Kaka & Pele waiting for me.
  10. wyldeboon
    Pags: if lovehurts not a babe, would fgl layan her?

    Gp: Diego Armando Maradona is my idol sia...

    Pags: tonite want or dun1? i dun care u temperamental or wateva tal
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