1. wyldeboon
    LH: its bcoz i is a gd man...

    i is waiting for a china man got hair like wong fei hong. sure cool
  2. Girlpants
    LH: Okay, so it's not spyware or adware.
    Hope someone brings this up to James.
    Me no like the banner... Irritating....
  3. fgl
    gone liao .......
  4. Lovehurts
    Boonz - You're a good man? Spend 7 days with me. Let's see if you're still good after that.

    GP - yeah we all complained to Jimmy already. I think the pain-in-the-ass banner is gone! PHEW!
  5. fgl
    dahlin - I spend 1 day / nite wif U enuff liao :mrgreen: ?
  6. Lovehurts
    dahlin - you ah? you mean you wanna see if spending one day with me will have a detrimental effect on u ah? Hmmm....i think maybe 2 days enuf liao
  7. fgl
    dahlin - I meant 1 day / nite means I wud spoil you.
  8. Lovehurts
    Dahlin - you wanna spoil me? Eh no la...I'm supposed to convert you from a "good" guy to something else...ahaha..but hell! I'd love to be manja-ed! Bring it on!
  9. snuffleupagus
    aarrrgghh- vocation? 2SG, combat engineer bridging spec- si bei sian la!!!!!got stand in as platoon sergeant before, meaning sai kang until kingdom come!
  10. wyldeboon
    LH: u'll be surprised how 'good' i am for the week wif u
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