1. fgl
    Mornin KKNers ...

    last ngt, we, tetra, eieio & ramlan had a rat time in our kopi link up talk kok session followd by chapatti / kima dinner at bollywood. Guitars changed hands etc etc ....

    Later in the nite I was working on faizal rock's guitar headstock while watching tvin the hall. Suddently my long lost girlfriend whomI have not met for 20 years called my hp....

    I was chatting with her, watching tv and sanding the headstock decal when suddently my wife walked into the hall and sat beside me ...

    Talk about multi tasking siak!
  2. wyldeboon
    hi all... damn shag ah... playing every nite can die....

    eh come la tonite... acoustic sets at china1... then can jam. i lazy to play oreadi
  3. fgl
    Boonz - 2nite my turn do homework wif daughter lah ... When ur next time playing?

    Btw - lovehurts says hi to all kkners ... Smsed me this morning ..

    Yeah we all miss ya dahling
  4. Tetragrammaton
    Good morning everyone!

    Yeah...yesterday dismantled the guitar liao. Hehehe!!

    Boonian: You is playing at China1 ar? Oh...tonite I can't cause I want to sand down my new project guitar.

    Today I is going to buy tele pickup and accessories. Going to get it done before Chinese New Year if I'm not lazy lah. Hehehehe!! Saturday going to Kota tinggi...
  5. wyldeboon
    i all the way everynite except sunday...
    mon - balaclava,tues - walawala, wed - balaclava, thurs till sat - china1...

    can die
  6. fgl
    K boonz - sat ngt after RG practise we pop by .. kacahau U
  7. fgl
    tetra - make it the kong xi fa chai tele lah?
  8. wyldeboon
    hahaha... k if wanna pop by msg me. i bring u guys in. if nt kena cvr charge
  9. fgl
    boonz - baik - we got rehersals 6 to 8pm and my team playing on Sun .. will call u if we coming
  10. Tetragrammaton
    Wah...just came back from shopping! Opps! Working also ar....Hehehe!!

    Got myself a Tesla tele pup and all accessories except the pick guard. My old tele pick guard broke liao. Aiyah....how come tele pick guard all finish? Hmmm.....!! Nevermind..tonite I sand down the body first lah.

    Oh....I also got the tree of life inlays. Hehehehe!! I thought of doing the CNY theme for this guitar at first but now I change my mind. Maybe do the Minangkabau theme for this tele. Hehehe!!
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