1. Lovehurts
    Thx dahlin!! I hope you're having some of that chicken rice on my behalf! And hope it's not still raining or drizzling.

    Listening to "Could You Be Loved" by bob marley & feeling the Rastafari love! :lol:
  2. fgl
    sianz - cant wait for 6pm - free today so I tot of checking out marina square for a change
  3. Lovehurts
    Marina sq? Hmm...ok la..I like eating at the chicken place there. I love their chicken wing rice with sambal!! MMMMMMM......
    *mouth watering*
  4. fgl
    :mrgreen: .......... u buying?
  5. snuffleupagus
    hi guys! gonna take MC tomoro, only day without any stoopid meetings!YAY!
  6. Lovehurts
    Hey Snuffs! Yea, make full use of your MC!

    Wah...Just had a foot long sandwich from subway & 3 choc chip cookies!! I'm so happy! :razz:
  7. fgl
    snuffs - i jealous!!!!!!!!!

    dahlin - u buying?????????????:mrgreen:
  8. Lovehurts
    Dahlin - buying what ah? The chicken rice + sambal thingy? Oooh!
  9. fgl
    bye all ....................
  10. wyldeboon
    in life... 1 must eat tat lontong n drink tat stout. never ever try eating the stout and drink the lontong.
    it will coz severe burns on ur foot.
    do take note
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