1. fgl
    coolhand - wahahahaha that one must share in KKN meet up & makan over Tong Seng Chicken riec - the only outside "feasting" allowed ...
  2. Lovehurts
    *Still singing to myself...*

    Just ate 3 curry puffs from Old Chang Kee! WOO! Later it's a meet-up over Starbuck coffee (or in my case hot cocoa, haha)
  3. fgl
    Hi gang .. Please be advised that RETRO GROOVE wont be doing the sun slot at gossip for now .... Contrary as to what was advertised in the new paper today.....

    the mgt has requested us to trim down to 4 pc line up w/o our female vox but we informed that that we only work as a 5 pc ...

    Cheerz & cya soon ppl
  4. fgl
    dahlin U talkin to me abt starbucks?
  5. Lovehurts
    Dahlin - yea meeting my godmother there later 2 pass something to her over a cup of nice hot cocoa.

    Hey Coolhand. Wassup?
  6. coolhand
    hey lovehurts...fine fine..
  7. Lovehurts
    Damnit. I gotta get outta here to thaw in the sun.

    It's such a slow day @ work. I'm looking forward to my weekend.
    Going to bring my doggie boy to the beach to frolick about in the water while I laze under the sunny sky & attempt to tan.
  8. fgl
    farkin bz for me at wk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Lovehurts
    ahhh....shit. I feel so guilty. I had a yoghurt ice cream thingy that was filled to the brim with choc chips. Damnit. So much for my diet plans.

    Dahlin ah, wanna keep fit with me? We can go jogging, cycling or roller blading.
  10. fgl
    Dahlin. Sori 2 bz lah. Cya all later
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