1. Lovehurts
    Wah! U had lontong for breakfast? And pple still dare to say i'm a goondu for eating spaghetti for breakfast! BAH!

    Did u get ur guitar bits & bobs last nite? Oh & how was tuition with your girl?
  2. fgl
    dahlin - yep .. shopped in several shops in the end ...

    tuition was good .... science project

    2day - day off ..so gonna go scope Slytra at Acid bar
  3. Lovehurts
    Dahlin: Cool..you could scope me *Ahem*

    My tummy making noises, i should have something to eat before i join MJ.

    Haha.i remember giving english tuition when i was younger. But sadly, i don't have patience with kids la.
  4. phileo17
    morning everyone slytra's the girl with the good voice eh?
  5. fgl
    Basket suddenly im like dam bz!
  6. Lovehurts
    I'm still singing to myself MJ's "You are not alone"....Goosebumps, man!
  7. coolhand
    to have a great marriage, one must have GREAT OUTATHISWORLD SEX...that's my opinion..how do i know this..i have been married for 15 years and me and wifey enjoy each other...anything,anytime,anywhere
  8. fgl
    coolhand - u and I share the same traits dude ..... totally agreed ..

    remember ..

    You can check outthe buffet spread outside .. but always have your meals at home
  9. fgl

    cant wait to start working on my new cari makan axe ....

    added mods ...

    1. Solid pearl knobs on the tuning heads
    2. DiMarzio 405 virtual vintage neck pick up
    3. Dimarzio 408 virtual vintage mid pick up
    3. Dimarzo 101 Dual sound bridge pick up
    4. CTS 250 mini pots
    5. Ceremic capacitor .22
    6. Staineless steel vol / tone knobs with pearl inlay
    7. Ernie ball 5 way selector
    8. CTS output jack
    9. Ernie ball super slinky 9-42 titanium strings
    10. Schaller strap locks
    11. Planet waves padded deluxe leather strap
    12. Graphtech tusq saddles
  10. coolhand
    fgl sir..home cooked food is still the best...totally true in what you say..outside can see no touch...home..can see and touch..aiyah..i am the king of the world..
    wanna share tips of great sex with fellow kakis here but i'm afraid some are underage...later kena police report so leceh..hahahaha
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