1. paganified
    boon- good point! AHHA fgl is always like that.

    ALL- im going to have lunch. its canadian 2 for 1 pizza today. see ya in abit!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Girlpants
    LH: Don't bluff leh. I can see Kaka from here.

    Boon: Really ah? I thought Barthez?
  3. wyldeboon
    Gp: Barthez is my poker buddy... i remember those days when we played poker with sum other frds and zola became the water boy
  4. Girlpants
    Barthez your poker buddy. No wonder lah. Hahahaha.
    Zola used to be water boy but he said he had no choice that time cos he needs to pay his school fees and buy soccer boots.
  5. Lovehurts
    GP - not bluffing ah. Waah! Just put down the fone. I arranged a golf tournament next week with the Galacticos! How GP? Wanna be Robben, Metzelder or Cassilas's caddy?

    Boonz - was it strip poker too??
  6. Girlpants
    Robben can ah.
    Or maybe Casillas.
    Er Robben ah.
    Wait no, Casillas it is then
    Eh wait R... oh man..........

    Boonz - was it strip poker too??
    Gay Boon. Gay.
  7. Lovehurts
    make up your mind ah! haha..kk nehmind...got opening to be Guti's caddy now..want?
  8. wyldeboon
    Gp: yes tats wat he said...

    Lh: no not strip poker. strip poker i last time play wif fergie, nadya and cameron diaz
  9. Girlpants
    I want........................Lampard can?
    Or Villa?
    Or Messi?
    Cannot make up lah! Abramovich ah!
  10. Lovehurts
    boonz - oh...i played strip poker with Villa, Totti, del Piero & Richard Gere la...damn happening, man.

    GP - Nooo! Eh i booked a golf tournament with the Galacticos la, not Chelski! And u can't have Abamovich cos I plan to marry him & be Mrs Abramovich #2
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