1. Lovehurts
    GP - ya la...since no one else is here, FGL & I gotta "entertain" each other la...

    you watching transformers ah?
  2. Girlpants
    Yeah! hahahaha. Finally got the ticket. Went to 3 blardy AXS to collect the ticket cannot. Lucky this morning can.
  3. Lovehurts
    cool! tell me if the show is good!

    hey, did u go watch drag me to hell in the end?
  4. fgl
    sori all was bz with Buyer
  5. Girlpants
    of course...........NOT!
    I want to sleep at night ok. I'm a coward! hahahah
  6. wyldeboon
    drag me to hell is a very stupid-not scary-funny story
  7. Lovehurts
    boonz ah - if you watch drag me to hell with me, you'll find it to be a very entertaining movie.......

    - eh! no la, only the old woman is frightening...other than that no so bad ah..
  8. Girlpants
    Boon, don't action brave okay.

    I'd choose to watch Finding Nemo over any horror movie.
  9. Lovehurts
    hey, anyone here watched Ratatouille? I think i'm the last person on earth to not have watched it, right? I heard its a cute show.
  10. Girlpants
    Ratatouille is damn nice!!!!
    Why never watch??!!

    Nevermind, it will show on Disney Channel sometime. hahaha
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