1. shawnrick
  2. fgl
    good morning kidddos the doctor is in. Kakim Nangers welcomes cruel vanity to the gang

    Bro Fuzz - yeah me too - I go straight to kakik nangers coz there usually so much to catch upman bro

    Vicko - how he bully U? U R twice his size and weight with TKD black belt mah

    Pags = dinner / Kopis?

    Mattbella - hahahaa ..... U know what? My quest for 10K posts is slowed down now coz I'm too always on kaki nangs

  3. fgl

    Do tell us in detail whom U secretly have a crush on (e.g Vicko admiting she has a crush on Shawnrick etc) - whether its celebrity or the boy / girl next door, your colleague, etc etc.... Doesnt matter if you are straight or gay or bi ..whatever .... lets hear it.

    You could also list chronologically - i.e : 1st crush from then till today... oh and WHY u have a crush on the individual (looks, personality etc)

    OK LET THE GAMES BEGIN: fgl kicks off

    1st crush when I was 5 years old in kintergarden - admiring one of the girls from other class. She blew me away when she danced in the year end school play and I remember telling myself (in such a tender innocent age) "I'm gonna marry that girl"

    Next serious crush was in sec school with a half Pakistani chick who looked liked Nastasha Kinski ... greyish brown eyes, fair skin, short hair etc. Went out with her only once though then lost contact for many years before I bumbed into her again at one of my gigs.

    Celebritiy crushes: Cindy Crawford, Nastaha Kinski,
  4. Aki S. Ian
    hey bro thanks for introducing that songs. he sure has nice vocal and articulations.
    im listening it for the 4th time now.

    Who's danielle.?

    this shakir...

    and have you thought of recording with roland? his has work with one of the best in the scene (if there is one)

  5. Aki S. Ian
    My crush?
    Meg Ryan (Girl next door look)
    till I decided to chase someone closer to my age
    so its now.
    Kaela Kimura.

    will be covering her songs with my band...

    together we cry.. together we cry...
    damn i cant get that song Shawn intro-ed out of my head...
  6. fuzztremecho
    good morning my dearly belovedssss

    the radiologist is in..anybody need an X-RAY ???
  7. fuzztremecho

    today's topics crushes..good lah
    first big crush..this hottie from same school..was my senior..damn HOT
    looked like Shima from Shima and the Boys (a M'sian Rock Kapak band) and but she went out with my future BIL lah (bro in law)..yup my BIL was my senior too,same school

    she like Mat Motors a lot and at that time i'm only Mat Bus..hehehe

    celebrity crushes : Tera Patrick,Jenna Jameson,Asia Carrera--i love 'em all
  8. Dime
    hi people.assistant doctor is in.

    about today's topic.im still in the same school as my crush who was from the same secondary school.
  9. Aki S. Ian
    oh and yeah, i just know what position in the Kaki Nangs i want to be.

    from now on i shall be The "Patient Without Patience"
  10. fgl
    Errr bro fuzz - ur celebrity crushes - all porn stars ah? :-)
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