1. Tetragrammaton
    Thoa: Actually, the people in the community have their own personal agenda. I still keep in touch with The Wiccan community other parts of the world. I once hold a Bismillah Wicca community here in Singapore but now I think I rather adapt what I believe personally with my families. Having too much people later got alot of problem.
  2. Liberator
    chief medic is in
    short day lar today
  3. THOA
    Tetra: Really? Hmmm.. I think going into details into their agenda is gonna be complicated. Hard la to start something and make people see it the way you do. That itself invites conflicts.

    You say you are adapting your believes to your family. So they are monotheist too?
  4. Liberator
    i am born a muslim
    proud to be one
    well,i dun despise other religion as i can see myself mixing well with ppl of other religion and race
    well i do adhere to the rules set by the Islam religion
    but sometimes being a human,i tend to do wrongdoings
  5. Tetragrammaton
    That's why now...I'm a Monotheist. It's difficult to let people understand and I don't wish people to understand as people have their own perspective and ideas. And so I have mine. You know religion is quite a sensitive matter. When we talk too much...people may brand us some things. Respecting and giving way to other belief is aways good for me. But still I have my own right to believe what I have faith in.

    My apologies...to other beliefs if this sound boring or senseless. I believe the Torah, Bible, Psalm and Al-Quran.
  6. Liberator
    bro tetra
    its true wat u say
    not some ppl can absorb yet appreciate wat religion is all about
    thats why speaking about religion,even if it benefits the masses can sometime be taboo
    not all can take it lar
    for me i just proceed with an open mind,as we can sometimes learn from each other
    most importantly,learn to love others and urself
  7. Tetragrammaton
    Thoa: Yes my wife is a Monotheist herself like myself. My son and daughter is a Moslem.

    As in Islam which means "to submit or submission", we're not or not yet a Moslem as we've not fully submit. But still we believe in one god.
  8. Aki S. Ian
    what happend to Headwan anyways? its been a logn time since he was last active here.
  9. THOA
    Tetra: It's fine for me, really. Just that it is really intriguing for me; your belief. I think you have done quite a lot of reading and soul searching into these areas of faith to decide your path of faith and I respect that.

    My apologies too.. for I belief I am the one who had wanted to ask more.
  10. Liberator
    headwan still in melaka i believe
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