1. Lovehurts
    EIRA: hey, i heard from friends that angels & demons is not that great & quite a dry show..night at the museum 2 is not bad, quite funny...but don't know if it's worth spending $10 on...the uninvited also looks good...horror show
  2. wyldeboon
    gd morning humans...

    only crazy people havent watch Wolverine, Angels & Demons and Night At the Museum 2...

    and only crazy people work till 9.30pm...

    and only crazy people team kena relegated...

    and only crazy ppl go for IPPT...
  3. EiraVanora
    arina: hehehe....daisy rock....neways, yeah meet up. im off on fri. u can come over if u want. but morning....or aftnoon. i scared nite i got jamming...i also wanna do lady gaga. i wanna do poker face. pssst...i jamming tat song tau, the acoustics. :P
  4. Girlpants
    Arina: LOL. $2 means the world to them leh. hahaha.

    Cos I already "donated" most of my time to them. Just wondering if I should start donating money.
    Cos all these kids (from Make-a-Wish Foundation) are suffering from a life-threatening sickness and when I took a peep at the "WishList", I feel sad sia.
    Wishes from small things like PSP to big ones like Disneyland.
  5. EiraVanora
    LH: the uninvited was awesome. the twist at the end is totally unexpected. i say its a muct watch. i wanna read angels and demons first. my brother say its totally diff from the book. NATM2, i wanna watch....but....see how, maybe watch midnite on fri if i no jamming.

    Boon: I crazy wat...dun tell me now den u realise...
  6. wyldeboon
    only crazy ppl say crazy...
  7. EiraVanora
    GP: eh, PSP....i can donate mine seh...if i can peel it from my brother's hands....-_-"
  8. Girlpants
    Boon I'm sad enough hor..

    LH: Jonas damn funny. LOL!! Damien Duff's cool lah! Ex Chelsea. Also, Shearer might stay cos apparently, he is now having a meeting with some owner to discuss on how to go forward after the relegation.

    Eira: hahahaha. Just peel! Dont give chance!
  9. arina.lisa.eriyn
    Gp: Then I donate $4 k.. If I working then I donate more..
    Eira: woohoo!! Pokerface!! I oso got acoustic version but no instrument.. Hehe
  10. EiraVanora
    GP: haiyah, he buggin me to sell it to him seh....but he got no money...now the damn thing like permanently in his room...
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