1. Lovehurts
    denn becoz of what???
  2. EiraVanora
    laugh too much....hahaha...
  3. arina.lisa.eriyn
    Afternoon ppl!! I woke up frm kitty nap oredi..
    Blod: mayuni omar at jln Pinang very near to beat merchants..
    Hi unknwn!!

    Eira: go read history.. The boys all turn into caterpillar.. Ulat bulu.. Hahaha..
    They want to touch2 my.......................HAND... Hehe
  4. theunknown
    oh hi arina!

    so what time is the thing tonight?
  5. arina.lisa.eriyn
    8pm. I reach add 8 plus though
  6. theunknown
    anyone here can help me?

    currently doing attachment and my company is offering a free 14 days trial for webconferencing software "Microsoft Live Meeting". any professionals here wanna sign up for it? please please. if dont have i kena farked. dang...
  7. Blodstyre
    Arina: Please eh...i is notch incruded in the batch of caterpirrars that wanch to touch ur.........hand....me wanch to touch GP oni....

  8. EiraVanora
    arina: they turning? i tot they ald are wat...nothing new...
  9. Blodstyre
    Ive gone through changes
    Ive gone through pain
    But theres not enough reason for me to go insane
    I know the feeling, when it grows
    Im in a rage up from my head down to my toes.

    You know it aint easy
    Running out of thrills
    You know it aint easy
    When you dont know what you want.

  10. arina.lisa.eriyn
    Unkwn: cnt my man siao, my hotmail siao, I dun like windows live oredi
    Blod: no no I is not saying u.. I say them
    Eira: hahaha true... When they becoming butterfly ar??
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