1. fgl
    Good morning kaki nangs - today's topic:

    Which k k n site u guys rather chat in...soft or chat tango? Please give reasons for your preferance....
  2. fuzztremecho

    slower pace and can "go ahead gostan" to check on the day's topics..can do it at on time on target w/out getting lost...
    im a slow typer lah..
  3. de la Serna
    de la Serna
    i prefer soft on weekday mrng and afternoons, while chat tango at night.

    Day and afternoon needs something slower paced since im multitasking with me work, so soft is the way to go.

    Night more relax and more free time at home... so faster paced chat tango is preferred.
  4. wyldeboon
    good morning! i didnt win!!! sori fgl... but i had fun!
  5. Aki S. Ian
    my preferance is like serna...

    and vicko was on yesterday but she was quite not in the mood. something about being sianz with kkn...
  6. Dime
    hey morning people!
  7. fgl
    BOONS - no worries, so long as U guys had fun & did your best ... its cool. Competitions can be like dat like bro ... ;-)
  8. wyldeboon
    fgl: yeah baby yeah... lol its always like tat bro...
  9. Tetragrammaton
    Good morning everyone!!

    Boon: Well, though I wasn't there at Zouk I'm sure you guys did some great stuffs!! That's the competition spirit!!

    About today's topic: Well, I'd prefer soft kaki nang lah. But will go to chatango once in a while.
  10. mattbella
    Mornin bros.
    Like serna,i prefer cumin here in the day.More relax.
    At night will go chatngo but its faster than subarashi.especially wen pags n escape start chattin.
    Well whatever goodtimes i had,sure must cum bck to wear it all started...FGL KKN!
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