1. de la Serna
    de la Serna
    alamak bro aki, dun 'merajok' la.
  2. EiraVanora
    aki, wats the link again?
  3. Aki S. Ian
    not merajok la, but seriously i dont want to have an empty chatroom. it defeats the purpose. its under my account so if no one is using it then ill delete it
  4. de la Serna
    de la Serna
    aki - u gotta make it known to everyone.. and make them agree or disagree to use that as our new chatting tool.
  5. fuzztremecho
    pags..senyap ada makna..hehehe

    aki brader..the chatroom u created is good but i think..speaking for myself..im more comfortable here..
  6. de la Serna
    de la Serna
    eira - i dun mind... u wanna?
  7. Aki S. Ian
    true, so far ive only interact with unknown, pags, and sheylara...
    eira, fgl, and mattbella came in when no one was in there.
  8. Aki S. Ian
    oh btw its private, jsut those who knows the link can access.
  9. EiraVanora
    serna - i dun mind...:-)
  10. de la Serna
    de la Serna
    what time shall i be at ur place?
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