1. Girlpants
    Tetra I'm NOT A GUNDU!!!!!!!!!

    Blodstyre: Getting busy...soon.
  2. Blodstyre
    So any plans for later anyones?

  3. Tetragrammaton
    Goreng pisang: Yes....I'm sure you're no gungu....anyway today got operation ah?

    Blodstyre: Ah...today me got plan. Want to go home and sleep ah...but tonite testing another player for the band.....
  4. fgl
    Plans??? - me trying to get date with dahlin to eat steak


    1. Eat steak wif dahlin
    2. Watch Star Trek but only if 630pm show
    3. Go spa
    4. Tong Seng Chicken rice

    what to do ..? I wonder???
  5. Lovehurts
    Dahlin - ai ya...wasted...i'm not free today la. next week hor..i don't eat steak leh
    GP: eh so did u book your Pool tix yet?
  6. wyldeboon
    morning people... i liek to do training today coz i am sleepy.

    dy is a girl

    my plans tonite is to make plans
  7. fgl
    dahlin - wah liau weh u not free ah - so sad

    Revised Options

    1. Watch Star Trek but only if 630pm show
    2. Go spa
    3. Tong Seng Chicken rice
    4. Meet GP or Arina for talk rock session

    what to do ..? I wonder???
  8. Girlpants
    Tetra: I'm no goreng pisang either. Today surgery afternoon only. NOw soooo many patients. Then got one little girl carrying a doll. Shit lah.

    Later I go buy tickets!!!!!!! Excited!
  9. fgl
    GP - dahlin not free - so I meet U for dinner instead ?
  10. Lovehurts
    GP: eh! so you're buying the $88 one?
    Dahlin - can't today la...next wk should be okay. eeee....just pls don't order medium rare steak..i dun wana see the blood oozing out.
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