1. zullio
    vicko: girl fighters as in? 1) fight against a girl.. 2) fight like a girl.. 3) girls who fight or 4) that popular rnb/hiphop song girlfight..?

    sorry im bored.
  2. vickomaniac
    numbah (1+4+6+2+10)x2, add the 2 digits together and minus 7
  3. wyldeboon
    i like girl fights!
  4. Girlpants
    I don't know if this is considered girl fight but I dislocated a guy's shoulder during a takraw game cos he damn act, made it look accidental though. I cut the tip of my classmate's little finger in primary school cos she called me stupid.

    Some extreme things happened too like the bicycle brake pierced thru my eyebrow while I was racing on it while blindfolded at 7 years old.
  5. Girlpants
    All was sort of fun and UNFORGETTABLE
  6. zullio
    girlpants: i think you just listed afew reasons why we should stay away from you. HAHA!
  7. wyldeboon
    i like violent girls... i still remember during my sec sch time... girls mit after sch and fight... more like cat fight... here tear there tear... nice...
  8. Girlpants
    I don't fight for no reason lah. I'm nicer now, hahahaha
    Sigh, but now I got the karma back, cos my shoulder was dislocated months after I dislocated his and It could like pop in and out anytime.
    Pain like hell.
  9. wyldeboon
    girl!!! same like me ah... my right shoulder... anytime... my left too... but if left then i cant put it back,must go hospital lol
  10. vickomaniac
    no lah i wanna try fighting with girls cos it's a whole different story compared to fighting with guys/ people who do martial arts.
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