1. Lovehurts
    Bras Basah? Oh yea i usuali buy some textbooks from there. KK, good idea. I shall sell my books there. Cos so sayang to just keep them at home. I mean chances are i won't re-read them. Thks Dahlin!
  2. Girlpants
    FGL, I'm not busy paktoring. Paktoring is busy with me. hahahaha!

    LH: But the shops at Bras Basah dont really offer good prices. But if you're more like getting rid of the books than making money out of it, then it's fine.
  3. Lovehurts
    GP: Hmm...well, the books are only like 3mths old so yeah, i would like to get some money from it la...bt yeah, i'll just check out BB la anyways.

    Damn hungry man. I can actually hear my tummy rumbling every now & then. How embarassing.
  4. mattbella
    Hello all.
    hope everyone is doin A Ok =)
    Aniwae,im selin Boss MT2 for 75.if anyone interested,do gimme a beep yea =)
  5. Lovehurts
    Hey Ian! Howdy? Long time no speak! Hope you've been doing well! :razz:
  6. mattbella
    Hey LH, yeah long time no speak.
    Am doin not bad =) thanks fer askin =)
  7. snuffleupagus
    hello hello! one more day to long weekend!
  8. Lovehurts
    Ian - Cool! Sad to hear about Van the Man tho, eh? Ah well. It's just 8 wks.

    Heya Snuffs! Long time no speak also ah! Ahaha! :lol:
  9. mattbella
    LH -wads with van the man? wads wrong with him?
  10. Lovehurts
    Ian - He's just undergone an operation on his left hand & one of his fingers. So yeah, he'll be out for 8 wks. BAH!!
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