1. snuffleupagus
    erm- officially it depends on your company policy and its subjective to the company you work for.Meaning you can go to work if you want to unless you work for Eg. MOE states that teachers have to stay home. Different organisations different rules. Its more about what leave will u be taking during your stay at home, hospital leave, medical leave etc? this will depend on your company policy. Word of advice, if you do go to affected areas, whether or not the co. policy dictates you have to quarantine urself, it is wiser to do so nonetheless. Because if you do get swine flu, it could be publicized with your post-holiday whereabouts tracked and reported , and misjudgements about your social responsibility will irritate you.
  2. Lovehurts
    Hmm...thks Snuffs...Aiya...My travel agent gave me the option of cancelling, but we're not sure if we wanna or whether it's necessary. Supposed to confirm by tomorrow. Now, i really don't know what to do la.
  3. fgl
  4. snuffleupagus
    ok first ask this question- do you have any people or loved ones who are in the high risk category? (pregnant, cancer treatments etc?) If this is ruled out, keep your masks on during your flights and at the airport and avoid crowded areas in Thailand( public buses, shopping centres), be vigilant,wash your hands all the time and bring lots of vitamin C tablets, then you should be fine. If I were you though, I'd rather forgo, as I am paranoid and would like to have a peace of mind when on a holiday. Hahaha, but thats just me. If you do decide to go, remember to get travel insurance, just in case you get quarantined in the local hospitals there or need medical treatment or not allowed to meet your return flight dates due to unforeseen H1N1 reasons. NTUC Income travel insurance is not bad I feel.
  5. snuffleupagus
    haha when i say people or loved ones I mean people staying with you or your travelling partner who are in close contact with you...
  6. Lovehurts
    Snuffs - so you recommend NTUC travel insurance? Yeah i think i gotta get that asap. Hmm...yeah, actually my grandma is old. So i wouldn't wanna infect her with anything. But thing is, i'm not sure if my company knows i'm going to Thailand. I didn't inform them. They just think i'm going on block leave. I'm afraid if i tell them, they might ask me to cancel.

    Dahlin - are u sure the quarantine time is minused from your mc leave? i hear some companies make their staff take unpaid leave.
  7. fgl
    dahlin - I think its mc .... unless mom says at company's descretion
  8. fgl
  9. snuffleupagus
    LH- NTUC was cheap for me with the most coverage when I went to Aus, but you better check thru about the H1N1 clauses if there is, Im not sure now.You have to inform you co. if you are going to H1N1 areas la, or else it may look bad on you.

    Abt quarantine time- you have to check with your HR dept, different co. different policy. I have a friend kena quarantine under unpaid leave. My quarantine was under MC. My ex GF qurantine was under hospital leave.
  10. fgl

    hahah kinda look alike Man U's new kits

    1. away colours
    2. carling cup kit
    3. Home kit.
    4. Fa Cup kit
    5. CL away kit
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