1. Lovehurts
    it's a good thing no one judges here on KKNers....if not, i'm a gone-er liao.
  2. EiraVanora
    its okie...i wont wanna join also. i'll just stick to my alien...
  3. Lovehurts
    Tetra, ich verstehe was???
  4. fuzztremecho
    usted se siente tan querido córnea
    ¿qué estás esperando
    dejar que todo arrancarle
    no guardes
  5. Lovehurts
    No leh, Eira. Maybe FGL has a fetish with 3-somes? Haha. He's on smoke break...wonder if he's only interested in sucking from the ends of ciggies....LOL
  6. EiraVanora
    most guys haf fetish for 3some. me too actually. but fgl is not included...hahhaa....
  7. Lovehurts
    No leh. KK, Lovehurts to-do list : 1. Ask dahling if he wants a 3-some with me & some other gal... 2. Nag at FGL if his answer is yes.
  8. fgl
    no to 3 some ...yes to sucking cigges & othr things
  9. EiraVanora
    okie pipiok...i gtg...the stupid shop is calling....byes!~
  10. Tetragrammaton
    ok most importante phrase is
    Fare amore
    fare mean to make
    amore means love
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