1. fgl
    OTHER FORMS OF Payment pssible boonz .. hee heee

    oy yah boonz I need 2 c u 2moro at YJ around 9 + .. urgent matter to discuss
  2. wyldeboon
    anyways, i had tendered my resignation... woohoo!!!
    i is goin to be full time do music. teach n play. gi mampus if can make it or not...

    any1 wanna learn how to play the guitar like a guitarist??
  3. fgl
    boonz - holy cow ..u serious ah? ok - all the best to u man .... hope U can make it big
  4. wyldeboon
    yup... i did it out of anger actually... but wateva la... dun care oso

    and i not goin to make it big la... i is just wanna go teach n play music... not intending to be the next satriani...

    btw, i am not free tomoro nite... unless got 3 free stouts
  5. Dime
    boon - unless got 3 free stouts

    baik ke pe
  6. EiraVanora
    boon: come down. got free stouts. i make sure of it.
  7. wyldeboon
    dime: 3 is just starters... u'll be surprise at the amount i drink...

    ok i dun1 3 stouts... make it 15 please THEN i'll come
  8. fgl
    ok so Eira & boonz coming 2moro nite ... anyone else?
  9. EiraVanora
    see you tomoro...!!!
  10. fgl
    hey eira got 1st pay oleady she buying stout - no one else coming ah?
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