1. fgl
    bro tetra - besoks we both go spa amacam?
  2. hecklerkoch
    Di mana dia
    anak kambing saya
    anak kambing saya
    yang suka daun keladi

    dia mana dia
    buah hati saya
    buah hati saya
    di dalam bilik mandi

    oh ho ho chan mali chan hoi hoi
    chan mali chan hoi hoi
    chan mali chan ketipong payong
  3. fgl
    nursery rhymes by HECKLER-ROACH
  4. fuzztremecho
    big bro..since I OMO,still feeling the streets out..did morning shift yesterday Thursday..after rental and diesel..got some profit left after about 8 hrs of driving..
    today Friday and weekends, I'm gonna try do the night shift..

    any KKNGS can call me tonite if in need of cab..no taxi call charge. 82001675..hehehe
  5. fgl
    bro fuzz - noted - I still have ur HP so anything will ctc U ... drive and be safe bro & cya around
  6. Tetragrammaton
    Good morning all!!

    fgl: Spa...? Hmm...me never go spa before. Do what ah...? Can bring guitar inside or not? Hehehehe..!!!

    Fuzz: I've got your number too....noted on the offer.

    girlpants: I may be able to join you guys tonite. But my work finish at 6.15pm so will be there later. I also looking to buy some stuffs.....but have not decided yet.
  7. wyldeboon
    morning all...

    fuzz: i got ur number so i will prank call u! but wait... u noe my number oso rite? do take care bro! drive safely

    tetra: if wanna buy then buy for me sumtink oso
  8. Girlpants
    So later how? 6.15-30 at Penin?
    I have a bad sense of direction, so please pardon me if I'm late

    i need to like confirm cos need to erm, plan my day.
  9. fgl
    U guys all have a great shopping (window) spree at Penin today.

    I'm goin spa after my early event and b4 ny nite gig ....
  10. fgl
    lunch time .... KFC again ...... :mrgreen:
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