1. fgl
    mornin Tetra - my ibanez jem, sambora - all sold

    now I got Ibanez Gio hardtail I will sell after my corporate jazz gig this sat ...

    Advance notice for all KKNers ...
  2. Tetragrammaton
    fgl: That's good!! Now can blanja chicken rick at Tong Seng....hehehe....
  3. Lovehurts
    Guten Morgen, Herr Tetra!

    Yes yes! A lovely morning indeed it is!

    Birds are a-singing, people are a-working, skies are a-blue, leaves are a-swaying..! HAHA
  4. Tetragrammaton
    Buon giorno signora Love!

    Bello giorno oggi!! From the window at my office can't see the trees as it was chopped down....sad....but I can still see the KTM train as the rail track is just below....
  5. Lovehurts
    tetra: Oh cool! But isn't it noisy then?

    I remember taking the train to Malaysia with my Grandma last time when i was like 7 yrs old..I hated those dreadful train rides. Last time, the trains were so old & crickety.
    Whenever I went to pee, the train would be moving so peeing required skill, i tell u! Haha!
  6. fgl
    i luv them old ktm trains -esp the overnite sin - kul trains
  7. Lovehurts
    EEee. I hated them. I used to get goosebumps whenever i had to use the run-down toilet to pee.
  8. fgl
    i love the feeling of waking up in the wee hours as the trainpulled into some quiet unknown Malaysian station - so wonderlust
  9. Lovehurts
    I'm tired, man. And hungry too. Think i shall buy breakfast from Mac's.
  10. Tetragrammaton
    Am back....talking about KTM train tracks near my office....actually I noticed 3 trains passed if I stay the whole day in the office. Normally at 8.30am, 1pm and then 6pm. The last train tells me it's time to go home. Infact, I can hitch a ride and drop right to my home near Bukit Timah. It goes that way too....and it's near my home too....hehhehhe!!

    I've always love taking the train. Like fgl, I love that situation also when the train stops to some unknown towns. Reminds me also the train in Europe. Shiok ah....can drop at some town for a day or two and continue the journey without extra cost. Hehehehe!!!
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