• Baybeats 2021

    “Why does alternative and indie music matter and why is it important to hold on to?” – These have been the two guiding questions for the Baybeats team, right from the festival’s inception at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay 20 years ago. With the unwavering support of a passionate music community, Baybeats celebrates a milestone this year. There is no better way for us to express our gratitude than to present a line-up that reflects the raw, unbridled energy of the community we serve. To sweeten it further, this year’s edition will span four days, from 4 – 7 Nov 2021, as compared to our usual three-day festival. To allow as many audiences as possible to join us in this landmark year, this year’s festival takes a hybrid format, as we perform live to audiences in our venues ,while livestreaming performances for everyone at home too.


    There are dreamers, then there are those who make dreams come true. In the last episode of ADD TO PLAYLIST, we trace the origins of Singapore's largest free alternative music festival Baybeats. We attempt to answer this: which came first? The star or the stage?
    John Chiong
    Razi Razak
    Leonard Soosay
    Annabelle Faye Danker
    Ravi Sivalingam
    Cecilia Chow
    Isaac Chiew
    Chester Eu
    Hung Weining

    DAY 1 • 4 NOV, THU, FROM 6PM (GMT+8)

    6.00pm Cactus Cactus
    6.35pm Sun Eater
    7.10pm KEYANA | Baybeats x Secret Signals
    8.20pm Iman’s League
    8.55pm lewloh | Baybeats x Secret Signals
    9.30pm per[sona
    10.05pm The Full Pledge Munkees
    10.40pm Stopgap | Baybeats x Secret Signals
    11.15pm BGourd
    11.50pm Gym and Swim (TH)
    12.25am Destroy Boys (US)

    DAY 2 • 5 NOV, FRI, FROM 6.45PM (GMT+8)

    6.45pm Cosmic Child | Baybeats x Middle Class Cigars
    7.20pm RENE
    7.55pm Generation 69
    8.30pm Kribo Brothers: The Sound of Kribo Records | Baybeats x Middle Class Cigars
    9.05pm Terrestrea
    9.40pm [CANCELLED] A R A J U A
    10.15pm Sobs | Baybeats x Middle Class Cigars
    10.50pm ANECHOIS
    11.25pm Amateur Takes Control
    12.00am Lucid Express (fka Thud) (HK)
    12.35am SURL (KR)

    DAY 3 • 6 NOV, SAT, FROM 6PM (GMT+8)

    6.00pm Tranquil
    6.35pm Blush
    7.10pm Paint The Sky Red | Baybeats x Atmos
    7.45pm Space Walk
    8.20pm Pleasantry
    8.55pm Hardihood | Baybeats x Atmos
    9.30pm Approaching Aphelion
    10.05pm Caracal
    10.40pm sl_owtalk | Baybeats x Atmos
    11.15pm Cadence
    11.50pm Johny Comes Lately (MY)
    12.25am Voice of Baceprot (ID)

    Full line-up: www.esplanade.com/baybeats

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    Black Beard Audio | Black Beard Productions
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