• COVID-19 Impact Survey on members of the Singapore Music Industries

    Hi everyone, a few members across the music industries have come together during this difficult time to brainstorm possible solutions for our industry. We have identified that there is no real data about the music scene, thus the challenge faced in getting help for the scene.

    We have put together a 8-minute survey / informal census poll with the objective to determine the size of our music industry, and the percentage breakdown within each sub-sector of the industry. We also want to identify how our earnings have been affected by COVID-19 measures, and whether members of the music industry have been able to get government assistance and incentive schemes (eg. retraining), if they are even aware about them, or how many of us have fallen through the cracks.


    We’re trying to figure out how many of us can survive this crisis, and how many might exit the industry all together. Your 8-minutes to complete this survey would help to make a difference. Please get your fellow mates to join in

    This survey is initiated by Singapore Music Industries Support Group. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/MusicIndustries.SG
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